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I started getting interested in personal finance and specifically financial independence about a year ago but have been finding that many principles can be hard to apply in Denmark. Through social media I’ve seen that many others have had the same difficulty in applying FIRE principals in a Danish setting. I sincerely hope that this blog can stir discussion and help others along while I get my own thoughts consolidated into print. So, the triple purpose of this blog is to:

  1. Serve as a log of my thoughts and hopefully help myself better implement anything I learn.
  2. Help others understand and implement FIRE principals and personal finance ideas into their own life.
  3. Discuss ideas and thoughts with likeminded people in Denmark (and elsewhere).

The form and content of this site is still very much up in the air so I would appreciate any input on what and how to write. Specifically, I’m unsure if I should write in English or Danish. I’m a bit more proficient in Danish and it also would make sense given the content but on the other hand I think most Danes read English well and I’ve found that quite a few foreigners living in Denmark also have trouble navigating the Danish system. My thoughts on content is to do part practical (where do I get the lowest fee funds?, what are the pros and cons of the different retirement accounts?, how do I actually start investing right now?, how does folkepension play in to my plans?) and part more theoretical (which asset allocation do I choose?, how much do I need to retire?, do I pay off my mortgage early?, can I even utilize retirement accounts if I want to retire early?). What would you like to read about?

And just to be clear: I’m not going to try to push some stupid get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, I think you should just follow through and get rich slowly. Of course, I can appreciate that that’s a lot less sexy at first sight so before I spend the next few posts complicating everything let me just clarify that the basics of financial independence and personal finance are indeed very basic:

  1. Spend less than you make
  2. Invest the difference
The rest is just details. Like weight loss and exercise it’s actually very simple and everyone can understand it, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. I hope I can inspire some of you here to get started and to start cutting your spending in preparation of a better financial life.


4 thoughts on “Your new resource for personal finance and financial independence in Denmark”

  1. Hi,

    Another foreigner living in Denmark here. Thanks for choosing English as you language of choice.
    Looking forward to your next articles :).


  2. Hi,

    I just saw your blog. Looks great!. After reading a bit I found it very interesting.
    I’m a foreigner living in Aarhus and got interested in investing since 4 months or so. As you remark, it is very difficult to translate “US financial advice” onto the danish market.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I hope you will stay and contribute your own thoughts down the road so we can all learn 🙂

      Did you come from If not you should definitely visit there – it’s a great albeit small community interested in general personal finance but recently more FI-minded people have joined. Also if your Danish and Google translate skills allow, also has some pretty neat content on fire.

      Best regards Asbjørn

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