About me

Not that it matters much to the content on the blog, but I thought I’d share a few bits of info so you can see where I’m coming from. I’m a bit of a systems-guy so I’ll do it in bullet points:

  • I’m a 29 years old male
  • I only just got my first fulltime job at age 27 after dropping out of my Master’s degree
  • I live with my girlfriend that I plan to marry in a year’s time. We live between Aalborg and Aarhus Denmark
  • We just bought a house in July 2016 and most of our spending is associated to that. Furniture, maintenance, gardening tools etc. Hopefully those expenses will be a lot lower in a year or two.
  • We bought on a 20-year fixed mortgage. I am not sure I’d recommend it for others, but it made the most sense for us – reasons not entirely financial. Actually I might look to refinance to 10-years in a year if interest stays at the current level.
  • I currently invest 2450 kr monthly for both me and my girlfriend in an alderspension (type of Danish retirement account similar to Roth IRA) at nordnet.dk. I throw it all in Superfonden which is a 0% ÅOP, zero purchase fee C20 Cap index fund. I balance this out by putting my arbejdsmarkedspension (employer pension) in a 50/50 split of a MSCI US-index and a MSCI world index.
  • In the near future (when we get our home fixed up) I plan to put at least another 2500 kr for each of us into a standard taxable brokerage account. Probably a 50/50 of the C20 Cap index and a US index.
  • I hope to be financially independent by age 50-55. I’m not even sure I’ll want to quit the job if/when the time comes, but I want to be able to take long vacations when wanted and probably for both of us to go part time. Burnout is real and although I’m not affected by it, who can say what their job-situation looks like in 20 years.