Calculator: Dividend scenarios

This small sheet was made to see the effects of dividends. The background for the interest is the very high (10%’ish) dividends on some SparInvest index funds in recent years. Unfortunately tracking the index forces capital gains and due to danish law they have to pay that out as dividends if I understand it correctly. The high dividends unfortunately mean that those otherwise very attractive funds are less competitive as compared to single stocks.
I wrote a bit more in the short blog post over at “Dividends?!

Note that dividends can save you a bit of fees during retirement but those do not have much impact compared to the costs in accumulation. Also note that dividends can help you stay in the 27% bracket for stock tax but you can emulate that yourself if need be.

Comment here with any mistakes you find and I will correct them. Also, if you prefer to mess around with your own calculations just download a copy of the sheet here: Google Sheets

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