Calculator: Ratepension or Taxable Brokerage

I made this small sheet for doing basic calculations on where to invest while I was researching whether it pays off to invest extra into ratepension. It doesn’t incorporate tax-efficient payout structures for neither Ratepension or Stock but just takes an input for the tax for both. Read along in the article “Should I utilize retirement accounts or go taxable?” to get some input into what the taxes might look like or just refer to the flowchart in the top of the article for the tl;dr. Is there such a thing as tc;dc – too cumbersome, didn’t calculate?

Do note that ratepension can be paid out starting 5 years before public pension age so you might want to just put that age into cell B3 if you plan on doing that.

Comment here with any mistakes you find and I will correct them. Also, if you prefer to mess around with your own calculations just download a copy of the sheet here: Google Sheets

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