Simulation: How often should I invest?

If you didn’t yet you might want to first read my post on this over at how much money do I need to start investing? If you just want to get started feel free to play around with the inputs and maybe take a quick glance at the notes below.


  • The difference is rather small – it’s more important to maximize the amount you can invest.
  • The best way to minimize expenses is to use any offer at your brokerage that lets you bypass the fee – for instance by investing on a set monthly schedule.
  • If you want to invest into an asset allocation of 3 different funds you can set the fee to 3 times your brokerage fee, but a better solution would probably be to find a good investment schedule at the regular fee and then just alternate where you put your investments to close in on your asset allocation.

I can’t set the sheet to show my base values for new visitors if they have been changed, but I figure 7% growth, 1 % inflation could be used. I don’t think the chosen number of years changes the result on the schedule, but it does show how little difference there is over a given time line. I had some trouble with setting the sheet up exactly as I wanted so any input is appreciated and this site may change a lot over time. I might just have to go with web-forms but that will make graphs in other calculators a lot more cumbersome and time consuming.

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