Further reading

I’ll try to keep this page up to date with resources that helped me with inspiration or actual tactics.


  • reddit.com/r/financialindependence: Where I first met this community of people trying to save and invest enough that they could live their dreams without relying on work for income. Lots of great advice and I especially enjoy their daily threads where you can ask any question big or small. Most info on there is intended for an audience from the US though and their strategies involve 401k’s, Roth IRA’s, Roth conversion ladders, HSA’s, employer healthcare and a lot of other terms with no direct equivalents in Denmark. Still it’s currently probably the best source of information.
  • Frinans: Danish blog where Sune describes his journey towards FI. We’re on a similar journey and he has inspired me too. He maintains a very good savings rate (I’m very jealous) and is knowledgeable on a lot of stuff. We employ slightly different strategies (for now) to reach the same goal.
  • reddit.com/r/dkfinance: A Danish community on personal finance. Low activity and mostly focused on small scale personal finance. Still interesting discussions now and then.
  • mrmoneymustache.com: The authority figure on FI. One of the first bloggers that caught mass attention with his anti-consumerist thoughts and his step by step plans for obtaining financial independence. Very inspirational, great writing style and lots of good info. Often exaggerates to get his point across.
  • earlyretirementextreme.com: AFAIK the first blog on financial independence. Started by Jakob Lund Fisker, a Dane that moved to the US and found financial freedom there. This blog started it all but isn’t updated often any more. A big community keep the forums alive.
  • Article on b.dk: Article (in Danish) with a man in southern Zealand that was financially independent and quit his job by age 37. The article also has a few quotes from Jakob Lund Fisker. It is a practical example of how it can be done.
  • moneymow.com: Just heard about this other Dane that is also writing on financial independence in English. From what I can follow he is writing to a wider audience and is not specifically looking into danish taxes etc. but I still think there will be value in following his budgets and progress for those of you that are into that 🙂